Monday, May 14, 2007

Dialogue vs Monologue

Well here it is folks: In the ongoing contest of dialogue versus monologue, dialogue has won.

It was my own personal contest, and it's been an interesting learning experience. I am not by nature a blogger, just as I was not by nature a journal-writer. I guess I just want dialogue unless I'm writing my own fiction -- because when writing my own fiction is about the only time I'm really interested in hearing that much of my own voice in my head. I can't quite get past the "who really cares what I think?" factor in blogging.

If there are people who've been coming here because they do want to read what I think, then come on over to, which is where I'll be hanging out some and spending the time, which might otherwise have been spent blogging, responding to some of Salon's posted articles, which are proving to often be on topics that I myself have been mulling over. I'm finding a lot of like-minded people at Salon -- something I enjoy a lot about the internet. Blogging alone, I don't enjoy so much.

This site will remain here until the end of May, and then I'm closing it down.

Many thanks to any and all who have visited here.

Dianne, Curmudgeon by Nature, Compassionate by Choice

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